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ipad, upad everybody pad

3 Mar

I wonder at times whether we in the technology industry create all the hooha around products and services and everyone else laughs at us, the death of one format the creation of another, predicting the downfall of certain technologies. it all seems just a little bit dramatic to me.

Lets just take print as an example, specifically newspapers. The iPad is now touted as the next big thing for newspapers and Apple are going to slice massive margin and the whole industry is in turmoil and the print page is dead and so on and so forth.

Now I’m not sure what the UK sales of iPad were but the global total is believed to be around 15m units, this is about the average daily sales of Newspapers in the UK, get that daily, just in the UK!! Now I’m no statistician but that doesn’t sound like an industry that is about to implode overnight, granted there is a clear threat but from those numbers I wouldn’t be expecting the press to go and tie up the noose just yet, surely. Is this just the Apple machine, once again, trying to make everyone nervous? The more you keep saying it then the more people believe and it then becomes an urban myth. I agree the web is eating some of the newspaper business, no doubt, and advertising is getting diverted but it still only 15m units globally which is a drop in the ocean. Are you seriously telling me that the 2m daily Sun readers are about to go and spend £500 on a gadget to read the paper, if anyone wants to take a bet then I’m willing to put my money up.

The iPad is another gadget. The only people I see with them are those that want to be seen with it, the ones that rest the gadget on the newspaper in the morning once they have read it! I think my children’s comments were interesting, when I tried to explain the ‘need’ for it, they just shrugged and said I’d rather have a book to read, it’s just a big iPod, small sample I know but it makes you think.

Now I’m the first in line for new gadgets if I were to be given the budget by my partner I’m sure we would have just about everything going but that’s all it is another gadget, that’s slim and looks good. The iPod I really got, great product, great idea, the Ipad….what for?

Are we in a danger here of living in our own little technology bubble and the outside world is looking in thinking what are they talking about. Why do intelligent people get hot under the collar about a computer, with no keyboard, it’s smacks of sheep being herded and grown ups should know better. And please , please don’t mention ‘game-changer’ this is not a game changer just as the e-reader wasn’t. Could this be a solution just looking for a problem?

Good luck to Apple, not that they need my appreciation, they clearly make great looking, desirable products, but don’t everyone rush to disassemble a whole industry because someone has brought out a shiny object.