Will cuts make Auntie bleed?

21 Oct

I suppose it was inevitable that the BBC took some of the hit in the spending cuts. I’m not sure any publicly funded organisation can justify the kind of spend and the salaries of top execs without coming under serious scrutiny. I personally struggle to reconcile the fact that someone has gone into what is public service and takes a commercially based salary, the two just don’t fit in my opinion.

So what does this mean for our Beeb. Well hopefully it will make them focus on what they should be doing and not what they would like to do, an effective 16% budget cut and a freeze on the main income stream would focus anyones mind. It may also stop the constant industry carping about local news delivery and maybe even YouView.  At least the Beeb can now respond to those criticisms from a much stronger position, they have taken the cuts and are focusing on what the need to do ( see still trying to keep positive about the industry)

This could certainly be a good indicator for those of us who are trying to make a living out of the fledgling IPTV industry, whether you are focused just on the UK or, like us, look further afield as well. If the BBC continues to fund those areas then there is clearly something in it, otherwise it would be pretty pointless and all of us can use the BBC as the main case.

The CSR for the BBC yesterday could have been a whole heap worse and whilst it’s not great for them at least they have taken their share of what is more than likely going to be a difficult time for everyone. Plus if it means our industry is given a little more space then we could see some major changes in how the industry moves forwards.

So trying to put a positive slant on this, if it means the BBC retreats a little without stopping completely then I think it’s a good thing. Maybe now they could tell us exactly what YouView is going to be and we can all sleep a little better!



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